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The flavors of Pt. Reyes Original blue are reliably balanced, featuring butter, hay, butterscotch, and a haunting saltiness. Its both firm and creamy and is an excellent starter blue for cheese novices.

The cows responsible for Point Reyes Original Blue™ are a closed herd of Holstein cows that graze on the pastures that tower over Tomales Bay. A “closed herd” means that the cows only mate from within their herd, thereby upholding the superior qualities of their breed, or as we like to call it: “keepin’ it real.”

 If, for some, reason humans were required to live off the land once again, a wise person would choose Tomales Bay as his or her place of domicile. Granted, the cold wind and rain would be kind of a bummer if wearing a loincloth, but in exchange you’d get some of the best oysters the Pacific Ocean churns out AND the lush pastures that feed the cows responsible for Point Reyes Original Blue™. 

For it is indeed the cold coastal fog and salty Pacific breezes that give Point Reyes Original Blue™ its unique flavoring, or so the makers claim. 

Country America Flavor Salty flavor sweet Flavors buttery Milk Cow State California Type Blue



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