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Anything goes at your wedding or celebration...and that includes the cake!

Stun your guests with a celebration cheese cake! Pick from one of our many offerings or create a custom cheese layer cake to suit your taste and budget. We will meet with you to have a tasting and discuss what you like, how you want it decorated and provide preparation, local delivery, presentation and service.



Our celebration cheese wheel cakes require pre-order. Depending on the cake, we may require up to 8 weeks advanced notice to ensure we have the proper cheeses in stock, though many cakes may be ordered with musch less lead time. To order, please contact our Catering & Events Manager, Sylvia, at 504-899-4737 or


In-Store Pick-up

Cheese wheels for your cake can be picked up in either of our New Orleans’ locations - Uptown  (5004 Prytania St.) or Warehouse District (641 Tchoupitoulas St.)


Local Delivery

We would love to deliver the wheels that will make up your cheese wheel cake if you are located in the Greater New Orleans region. For delivery to locations within New Orleans, a fee of $40 will apply. For delivery to locations outside of New Orleans but within the Greater New Orleans region, please inquire upon ordering.



Don’t live in the New Orleans area? Don’t fret! We can ship your cheese wheels to you via FedEx overnight. Please inquire upon ordering about our quick and easy shipping options.


Set-up & Decoration

The price of each cheese wheel cake is for the cheese alone. Our expert cheesemongers delight in creating beautiful cheese wheel cakes that are dressed to impress. We will decorate your cake with lush, verdant greenery, fresh fruit and flowers and more. Please inquire upon ordering to receive a quote for this service.


Cake Service

We would love to serve your guests cheese. Our cake service includes staffing by one of our expert cheesemongers who will break down your cheese wheel cake into individual portions in an artful display and engage your guests with cheese knowledge. Please inquire upon ordering to receive a quote for this service.


Pairings, Accompaniments & More

Enjoy your cheeses with specially picked jams and preserves, olives, nuts, fruit, bread and crackers. We offer pairings and accompaniments that will bring out the best flavors in all of our cheeses. Please inquire upon ordering to receive a quote for this service.


Cake Stands

We have a selection of cake stands that you can use give your cheese wheel cake height and a beautiful base to stand on. Ask when ordering to review our options. All rentals will require a refundable deposit - if you have us do your cake service, the cake stand is included in that cost.


Frequently Asked Questions


How will my cheese wheel cake be shipped?

We ship all cheese via FedEx overnight delivery. Because cheese is perishable, we advise you to remove all packing materials and refrigerate your cheese immediately upon arrival. It is normal for some varieties of cheeses to smell very strong, particularly after shipping. It is not a sign that the cheese is spoiled. It is also possible that the ice packs in the box may be melted and the cheese may feel soft to the touch. This will not significantly impact the cheese, provided it is returned to refrigeration promptly on receipt.


What should I do with my cheese when it arrives?

When you receive your cheese wheels, put them directly into a refrigerator. Remove the wheels a few hours before the event so that they can come to room temperature for service.


How should we serve our cheese wheel cake?

Serving the cake depends on what type of cheeses are on your cake and their firmness. If they are larger wheels, you will likely need a large, sturdy knife to cut into them safely. If they are softer and smaller, you can use a basic kitchen knife. Feel free to ask us for advice when placing your order. If you happen to have access to professional cheese equipment, a wire-cutter, skeleton knife for soft cheeses, or double-handle knife for larger wheels are always good choices, but not necessary.


How long will the wheels of cheese last?

Each wheel of cheese is different. Softer cheeses will always be best within 2 weeks of opening the wheel, but can be eaten longer depending on storage and personal taste. Harder cheeses can last a month and more, depending on storage and personal taste. If your soft cheese smells persistently like ammonia, it’s past its time. If your hard cheese is dried-out and flavorless, it will still be edible but also past its time. Feel free to consult with us when you place your order for advice on each type of cheese on your cake.  


How many days before my event should I have the cheese wheels be delivered?

We recommend having your cheeses delivered within one week of use.