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The Whiteout cheese cake is perfect for a smaller gathering such as a shower, birthday or other small party setting. Featuring some of our favorite bloomy rind cheeses, the all white cheeses with their creamy, buttery flavors are sure to be the hit of any gathering!

Quick Facts:

Diameter of bottom tier: 8.5 inches
Height: 8.5 inches
Feeds: 25 people

The Cheeses:

Top Tier: Snow Camp
Named after one of the first settlements in central North Carolina, Snow Camp is a mixed cow & goat milk bloomy rind cheese that has lush cream-like and butter flavors made by Goat Lady Dairy.
Cow's & Goat's Milk
North Carolina, USA
Second Tier: Brillat Savarin

This triple creme dessert cheese is rich and luscious. The velvety white rind and creamy ivory paste has notes of mushroom and creme fraiche with a creamy and smooth texture and delicate flavors of cream and butter.

Cow's Milk


Third Tier: Humboldt Fog

This masterpiece soft-ripened goat cheese hails from Cypress Grove Creamery and features a distinctive ribbon of edible vegetable ash. Buttermilk and fresh cream, complemented with floral notes, herbaceous overtones and a clean citrus finish make this cheese an instant favorite.

Goat's Milk

California, USA

Bottom Tier: Brie de Nangis

Brie de Nangis hails from brie, just southwest of Paris, France, and is one of the milder, more buttery Bries. It is creamy and smooth and has a slightly chalky center that becomes runny with age.

Cow's Milk




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