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Vacherin is perhaps one of the world's most celebrated seasonal cheeses. Available only during a brief period during the winter months, we look forward to getting this cheese all year long. The cheese is made in the Jura mountains in both France and Switzerland. Traditionally it is the same milk that is used to make Gruyere (in Switzerland) and Comte (in France) during the rest of the year. When the herds are moved down from the Alpine pastures, the cows are switched to a diet of straw which results in milk that is better suited to the production of the rich and velvety Vacherin cheese.

Our version comes from western Switzerland and is made with thermalized cow's milk, a slightly more gentle process than full pasteurization that helps preserve the deep complex flavor of the cheese. The cheese has a smokey, toasty, almost fondue-like flavor that needs only a loaf good french bread onto which to smear it. Be sure to allow this cheese a little extra time to come to room temperature before serving.

Country Switzerland flavor milky , earthy Flavor toasty Flavors buttery Milk Treatment Thermalized , Cow texture gooey , creamy Type Soft , Washed



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