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The arrival of Rush Creek Reserve is something we look forward to every year. It is truly a special cheese. It is made only in the autumn, as the diet of the cows begins to change from the fresh pastures of summer to the winter’s dry hay. Rush Creek Reserve is designed to show off the richer texture of the hay-fed milk and the delicate ripeness of a soft, young cheese.

Rush Creek Reserve is made with raw milk, and is aged side-by-side with Pleasant Ridge Reserve in the Upland ripening rooms, sharing the environment that gives their cheeses their characteristic savory flavors. Rush Creek Reserve is inspired by the French Vacherin Mont d’Or, and is bound in spruce bark, which gives shape to the soft round and imparts a sweet, woodsy flavor to the cheese. Combined with the savory flavors born from the rind, this gives the custard-soft paste a deep but delicate richness, reminiscent of beef broth or finely cured meat.

Country America Flavor buttery flavor milky , earthy , sweet intensity medium Milk Treatment Un-Pasteurized , Cow State Wisconsin Type Soft , Washed



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