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While the rest of the Midwest was being flattened by the immense glacial drift of the last Ice Age, the Uplands region of South Western Wisconsin remained rugged, hilly, and perfect for cheese making. Named for the land on which the farm sits, Pleasant Ridge Reserve is an award winning cheese that reveals the character and uniqueness of the terrain. This superb cheese is made from the raw cow’s milk of the Uplands’ grass-fed herd. To ensure the quality and of their milk, the cheesemakers only make Pleasant Ridge Reserve during the months their cows can eat lush pasture (May to October).

Made in the tradition of Alpine cheese, Pleasant Ridge Reserve is subtle and delicate, with caramel notes and a light fruity tartness. This cheese is a rich yellow color, with a natural rind and pairs well with a dry Riesling, or a wheat beer such as Blue Moon Belgian White . In hopes of demonstrating the superior quality of their milk, the Gingrich and Patenaude families worked together to develop this handmade Alpine style. The cheeses are only produced during peak pasture season starting after the spring calving, and finishing when the pastures go dormant for the winter. The cows are moved into fresh pasture daily.

This cheese is washed daily, which imparts a strong aroma. Depending on the age of the cheese the flavor ranges from very fruity and sweet when younger, to savory and slightly sour when mature.
This cheese melts very well and can be used like Gruyere in fondue or to make an excellent French onion soup.

Country America Flavor Buttery , Caramel , Fruity , Nutty Intensity Strong Milk Treatment Un-Pasteurized Producer Uplands Dairy Similar To Gruyere Style Alpine , Farmstead , Meltable Texture Hard , Smooth Type Hard



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