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If Parmigiano Reggiano is the King of Italian Cheese, Piave is the prince. It has the same noble features—nutty, salty, and perfect for grating—but as the younger sibling, it isn’t as overexposed, and it gets away with a slightly sweeter taste. 

Its milk comes from the equally noble (or at least spoiled) Bruna Alpina cows. These beauties roam freely, grazing at their pleasure on the grass and flowers of the Belluno region, and sipping the highly mineralized water of the Piave River. T’is a sweet life they lead. You can recognize the wheels of Piave because their name is impressed repeatedly into their rinds. The Piave Vecchio Selezione Oro variety has been aged more than 12 months and is distinguished by its red label.

Country Italy Flavor Caramel , Nutty , Salty , Savory , Strong , Toasty Intensity Medium Milk Treatment Pasteurized , Sheep Style Grateable , Pecorino Texture Hard



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