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We challenge you to find someone who does not like Humboldt Fog. Go ahead—prove us wrong. A flaky texture typical of fresh goat cheese + a creamy texture of brie or other soft cow’s cheese = cheese-making brilliance, also known a People Pleaser.
Humboldt Fog’s paste is surrounded by an edible mold rind that allows air to penetrate, changing the taste of the cheese while it ages. This feature is responsible for that sumptuous creamy layer between the cheese and the rind; it forms as enzymes in the mold digest the milk proteins in the cheese. The longer the Fog is laid to rest, the thicker the creamy layer becomes.
First-timers often mistake Humboldt Fog for a blue cheese because of the ribbon of edible vegetable ash that runs through its center. Alas, this ash is tasteless and is all for show. Its presence is responsible for making a slice of Fog look like a piece of layered wedding cake. We think those crafty devils at Cypress Grove knew what they were doing and turned out a cheese that can be easily spotted among its peers (unsupported hypothesis).

Country America flavor tart flavors tangy intensity medium Milk Goat pasteurized pasteurized State California type bloomy Type Soft



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