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Anyone who says they don’t like Swiss cheese has not had a taste from a freshly split 80-lb wheel of cave aged Gruyere 1655. Toasted nut, fruit, and grass flavors explode in your mouth. The source of this particular Gruyere’s excellence is the old-school Swiss recipe that the cheesemakers painstakingly employ. Raw milk is taken once in the morning and once in the afternoon from very small herds of cow.
Gruyere is one of the rare cheeses that holds its flavor when melted, making it perfect for fondues and gratins. However, melting it would mean missing an opportunity to experience its delightfully supple texture. We recommend you try both.

Country Switzerland Flavor Fruity , Savory , Toasty Intensity Medium Milk Treatment Un-Pasteurized , Cow Similar To Comte Style Alpine , Meltable Texture Smooth Type Hard



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