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Gorgonzola “Piccante” is a soft, sharp, aged blue cheese made with full fat, pasteurized, cow’s milk.

The cheese took its name from a small town in Lombardy near Milan, where it said to have been born in the 12th century. It has a white or pale yellow compact, crumbly paste speckled with a homogeneous distribution of bluish-green marbling.

The rind is compact, rough, hard and grey in color and usually comes covered in a tin foil. Flavors are strong, intense and sharp with a pungent, spicy bite coming early on.

It takes a minimum of 80 days aging to let Gorgonzola demonstrate its unique characteristics. The cheese pairs well with a full-bodied, aged, red wines, sweet and liqueur wines and rum.

Country Italy Milk Cow Type Blue



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