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Ewephoria is a Dutch gouda-style cheese made from pasteurized sheep’s milk instead of cow’s milk, as well as vegetable rennet cultures, and then aged 12 months. CheeseLand, a Seattle-based importer of Dutch cheeses, worked with a small farm to create Ewephoria in 2004. The sheep graze on salty, green, island pastures near a nature preserve in the northern Friesland region of The Netherlands bordering the sea, where they are treated like members of the family. A representative from CheeseLand stated, “The farmer's wife told me that the sheep eat better than her two sons.”
Country Netherlands Flavor Butterscotch , Caramel , Sweet , Toasty Intensty Strong Milk Treatment Pasteurized , Sheep Similar To Gouda Style Gouda , Traditional Texture Crumbly , Crunchy



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