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Once upon a time, the hardworking Grubb family moved from England to a farm near Cashel, Ireland. For centuries they produced the richest butter in the land because they had a magic herd of cows. The milk from this herd rendered butter so sumptuous that the cows were only allowed to breed among each other in order to preserve their magic qualities. One day it occurred to the Grubbs that if the milk could yield such exquisite butter, it might do the same for cheese, and they set about experimenting. Alas, their hypothesis was proven correct, and their first cheese—a mild blue and the first in Ireland—knocked everyone’s socks off. Not bad for the first try.
Cashel Blue is injected with the same bacteria as Roquefort (penicillium roqueforti), but it’s creamier and less salty than Roquefort . For that reason it is a great cheese for those who haven’t tried many blues, or who don’t like strong blues. There is one hitch, though. Even though Cashel Blue is great right out of the fridge, it’s REALLY great at room temp. It even pairs well with a good quality dark chocolate.

Country Ireland Flavor Salty , Sweet , Toasty Intensity Strong Milk Treatment Pasteurized , Cow Similar To Roquefort Style Artisan Texture Smooth Type Blue



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