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Stilton produces a loyalty and fanaticism like no other cheese. What other dairy product has a perfume modeled after it scent and an ice cream based on its flavor? People go loco for Stilton, and here's why: it's really awesome. In cheese monger language that means it is so divine and universally adored that we can recommend it to blue-wary tasters and blue-lovers alike.

Colston Bassett's Stilton in particular is very buttery and savory with a sharp and delightful tang. It is bold, though not as strong as Roquefort or Gorgonzola . What always blows us away is that even though Stilton has been made for a hundred years, each gorgeously rustic wheel that Colston Basset Dairy sends us tastes slightly different. And that, friends, is what we love about farmhouse cheeses. Colston Bassett Stilton has been handmade in the Vale of Belvoir in Nottinghamshire since 1913. The only time the dairy has halted production was during WWII when there simply weren't enough milk supplies or workers to continue.

Finally, Stilton is the only cheese in the world granted trademark certification status by the British government. It is truly the King of Cheeses.

Important Note: Do not pour your port over your Stilton. This is a waste of good cheese and good port.

Country England Flavor Salty , Savory Intensity Strong Milk Treatment Pasteurized , Cow Pairings Port Producer Colston Basset Similar To Stilton Style Traditional Texture Creamy , Smooth Type Blue



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