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Everyone loves a classic. You don't get much more classic than a trio of Stilton, Cheddar and Brie, but we have put a little twist on that combination with some new classics. This collection makes an excellent gift for any cheese lover, or put it out when you are entertaining friends and family for an instant balanced cheese board.

Shropshire Blue from Colston Basset Creamery in England is recognizable due to its distinctive orange body, again with blue veins spread throughout. The natural rind is a deep orange brown shade. The cheese is slightly milder in flavor than Stilton and delicately sweet. Like Stilton, the cheese has a creamy taste and smooth texture with no bitterness or sharpness. The maturation time is slightly less – best eaten at 6-8 weeks.

Flory's Truckle from the Milton Creamery in Missouri is made using classic English cheddar technique. Instead of aging it in plastic, this cheese ages with the cheesecloth left on the outside, allowed to dry for ten days, then coated with lard to minimize mold penetration, and aged twelve month. The cloth allows the cheese to breathe resulting in a dry, crumbly texture. With a rich, sweet flavor and a grassy, buttery finish, this is a cheese to rival the finest English cheddars.

Moses Sleeper from Jasper Hill Farm in Vermont is a soft, bloomy-rind pasterized cow milk cheese developed by Mateo Kehler to rival Normandy Camembert after years of trial and error. When young the flavor is buttery, bright, and savory, and when longer-aged the paste is creamier with a stronger vegetable aroma. It has flavors of creme fraiche, cauliflower and toasted nuts.This lovely cheese is the perfect size for entertaining, one wheel is about 6 inches in diameter, weighing approximately a pound.

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