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Seven Sisters is an original cheese produced using Jersey cow's milk, which is of extremely high quality due to the wide diversity of plant species on the farm's pastures. A cross between an Alpine cheese and a Gouda, it is aged in stone caves located beneath the dairy.

Seven Sisters has a butter-yellow paste, a firm texture and a natural rind. With a sweet milk flavor up front, the cheese develops a nutty-butterscotch taste with herbaceous notes towards the finish.

The Farm at Doe Run, located in Coatesville, Pennsylvania, is based on the philosophy of sustainable organic farming. The farm's culinary garden team strives to produce the highest quality fruits and vegetables, while the creamery creates some of the most sought-after cheeses in Chester County. In order to reflect the bounty of the seasons while being stewards of the land, the farm practices rotational grazing of herds of Jersey cows, East Friesian sheep, and Saanen and Nubian dairy goats. 

Country America Flavor Buttery , Savory , Toasty Intensity Medium Milk Treatment Pasteurized Producer Doe Run Dairy Similar To Gouda State Pennsylvania Style Farmstead , Traditional Texture Crumbly , Crunchy , Nutty Type Hard



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