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In this live, virtual class, cow, sheep and goats milk cheeses are taking a backseat as we take a deep dive into the world of buffalo milk cheese.

Please Note: Items for this class will not be available until Thursday, October 1st from 5004 Prytania Street. 

The most commonly known buffalo milk cheese is mozzarella di bufala, a true delight that is moister, richer, and more tender even than a cow's-milk fresh mozzarella. That's because buffalo milk contains twice the fat of cow’s milk, making it creamy and decadent. But buffalo milk cheeses are much rarer to come by. The average water buffalo produces far less than other dairy animals. And while water buffalo are hearty, they’re incredibly particular to their surroundings and handlers making buffalo milk dairies a much riskier venture.

In this class, we'll taste our way through three Italian cheeses made with buffalo milk.

A bottle of wine to pair with the cheese selection will be featured as an add-on.

How the virtual class will work:

  • PORTIONS: Each order will feature three buffalo milk cheeses and a box of crackers that will feed 2 to 3 people.
  • CHEESE PICK-UP: All cheese will be available for pick-up after 11am on Thursday, October 1st from 5004 Prytania Street. Pick-ups will take place at the front balcony, in our courtyard, or we can walk the order out to your car if you call 504-899-4737 upon arrival.
  • ZOOM: The morning of your class, we will send you an email that includes a Zoom link and password to join the class. A few minutes before the class starts, open the email and click on the Zoom link. Need help with Zoom? Click here. If you still have questions when the class is about to start, please call 504-513-7971 to troubleshoot.
  • THE CLASS: The class will start promptly at 7pm and will last approximately 60 minutes. The format of the class will be a feature St. James Cheese mongers. Audience questions and comments are encouraged!

Questions? Email rachel@stjamescheese.com or call 504-513-7971


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