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Every March 19th, Sicilian families gather to share amazing food, good times, and laughter in honor of St. Joseph (San Giuseppe in Italian), the Patron Saint of Sicily.

The legend follows that during a particularly bad drought, many farmers prayed to San Giuseppe for rain, promising to honor him with a feast if their prayers were answered. With luck, the rain came down and the feast began! Today, the tradition has spread across Italy and into the US as well. The celebration is accompanied by song, dance, and of course, amazing food.

Please note: Items will not be available for pick-up until Thursday, March 11th. 

Take part in the festivities this year with an Italian Cheese tasting! We’ll taste our way through three Italian cheeses. An Italian Prosecco will make for a perfect pairing as an add-on. 

How the virtual class will work:

  • TASTING KITS: Each order will feature three cheeses (1/4 pound cuts for one person portions, 1/2 pound cuts for two person portions), Italian Taralli crackers and a sweet treat from Angelo Brocato's.
  • PICK-UP: Tasting kits will be available for pick-up after 11am on March 11th from 5004 Prytania Street. 
  • ZOOM: The morning of your class, we will send you an email that includes a Zoom link and password to join the class. A few minutes before the class starts, open the email and click on the Zoom link. Need help with Zoom? Click here. If you still have questions when the class is about to start, please call 504-513-7971 to troubleshoot.
  • THE CLASS: The class will start promptly at 7pm and will last approximately 60-75 minutes. The format of the class will feature St. James Cheese Company Cheesemonger Molly Bourg. Audience questions and comments are encouraged!

Questions? Email rachel@stjamescheese.com or call 504-899-4737

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