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Created by Urs Leuenberger, a master cheesemaker. In the hilly Gantrisch area between Bern, Fribourg and Thun, Switzerland, Urs' team makes 6-7 wheels of Le Gruyère AOP and some “Jùscht” wheels every day. His dairy farmers are all within a distance of 1 kilometer from here so he can actually see the cows grazing from the cheese dairy. In spite of the cheeses’ relative youth, “Jùscht” is very rich but still tastes fresh and creamy, flowery and full-bodied. The secret of its success is the raw milk. It stems from local, contented cows and is handcrafted into “Jùscht” with the entire original full-fat content while still warm immediately after milking. After being handcrafted in the Vorderfultigen mountain dairy, the cheeses are kept in the dairy and cared for for one month before they are moved to Gourmino’s mountain cave. Here the affineurs wash the rind of the “Jùscht” wheels two times a week. A perfect cheese for breakfast and snacks.

Country Switzerland flavor creamy Flavor flowery Milk Treatment un-pasteurized , Cow type hard



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