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Pont-l'Eveque is a square-shaped, washed-rind cheese made in a part of Normandy famous for its lush pastures. The small Normande cows produce milk for  some of the greatest and most widely recognized French cheeses: Pont-l'Eveque, Livarot, and Camembert.

Pont-l'Eveque is one of the world’s oldest cheeses—the first record of its existence dates back to 1230. Like every aging diva, it has an extensive grooming routine. It rests on a straw mat and is treated to regular washings, brushings, and turnings in order to encourage special bacteria to grow on the rind. The straw mat leaves its mark on the cheese in the form of a crosshatched impression.

Under the rind slightly orange, the texture is blonde, supple and soft. Typical but not strong for the palate, this organic Pont l’évêque have a subtle and soft flavor of hazelnut and butter. Its aromas are soft and creamy but they evolved in a taste more intense during the maturation.

Founded in 1912 in the heart of the Orne bocage, the Gillot cheese diary is a leading producer of Pont L'Eveque and Camembert de Normandie PDO. Custodian of authentic, centuries-old recipes, the cheese dairy with its unique expertise continues to innovate and diversify its product offering to meet consumer expectations.

The Gillot cheesemakers are also strongly committed to developing a range of organic products and certifying that all of their PDO farmers feed their herds a GMO-free diet.

  • Certification labels of European organic farming.
  • Milk 100% collected on Norman Terroir.
  • Normande cows fed with a free-GMO diet. Pastureland certified organic.
country france flavor buttery , nutty Milk Cow pasteurized pasteurized texture smooth Type Washed



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