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The cheese Makers at the Caws Cenarth dairy at Fferm Glyneithinog in southwest Wales use both Organic and Non-Organic milk sourced from within 30 miles of the Dairy and from that they make the varieties of cheeses whose taste is directly linked to the amazing area that we live in. The flavour of the product is affected by the rainfall, the sunshine and the coastal climate and all of the other factors that are specific to this part of South West Wales giving Caws Cenarth Cheese that special something. 

Golden Cenarth is a rind washed semi-soft cheese, washed in cider to produce quite a mild taste when young, but developing a stronger pungency with maturity. Presented in a wooden crate,  Golden Cenarth cheese has a nutty flavour and a unique savouriness. This semi-soft organic cheese comes ready to eat, but if you prefer things a little gooier, pop it in the oven and bake it for 20 mins at 300 degrees.

Country Wales Intensity Strong Milk Treatment Pasteurized , Cow Style Washed Texture Smooth Type Soft



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