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This cheese comes from Consider Barwell Farm in West Pawlet, Vermont. Established in 1864, it's named after the founder and was the first milk co-op in Vermont. In the modern day, Consider Bardwell is a well-established cheesemaker. All the cheeses are made from milk of cows and goats that graze there on organic, pesticide free grass year-round. 

Dorset is inspired by Northern Italy's Taleggio: made from raw cow's milk and washed to inspire a funky, meaty rind. Slightly firmer than Taleggio and more complex, it's a true representation of the fact it’s made in Vermont, not Italy. Made in small-batches and pressed into forms that create a beautiful basket-weave ridges on the rind, this cheese feels special and rustic. It’s humble enough for snacking but lovely and interesting enough for entertaining. Try it for both. 

flavor grassy Milk Treatment un-pasteurized , Cow texture firm



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