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SOLD BY THE PIECE. Each piece weighs approximately 6 ounces. 

Who knew a cheese that looked like a brain could be so delicious? 

Vermont Creamery did when they developed this dome-shaped goat cheese. The rind is influenced by a yeast called "geotrichm" which creates lobe-like wrinkles on the rind. Becuase of their wrinkly cheeses, the creamery has the motto "Wrinkles Are Sexy" and we couldn't agree more. Slice into this cheese and your knife will offer some resistance: it's incredibly dense. Taking a bite, the cheese will coat your mouth with fudgey goodness. Not crumbly, but thick and wonderful! Lemony bright cream flavors will impress any cheese lover. 

country America flavor creamy flavors tangy Milk Treatment pasteurized , Goat State vermont



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