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The Truffle Cake is the cheese cake for the cheese lover with a love of truffles. Three different cheeses, three different truffle presentations.

Quick Facts:

Diameter of bottom tier: 10.5 inches
Height: 14.5 inches
Feeds: 200 people

The Cheeses:

Top Tier: Truffle Tremor

A flavorful powerhouse, elegant and pungent truffles collide with the velvety perfection of soft-ripened goat cheese in Truffle Tremor from Cypress Grove. This cheese has heavy floral, herbaceous, and mushroom notes.

Cow's Milk

California - USA

Second Tier: Moliterno

Moliterno is a slightly sharp, beautifully aged cheese with an intense truffle flavor. Hailing from Sardinia, this cheese is aged and then injected with black truffles before being aged some more. It pairs wonderfully with red wines or dessert wines.

Sheep's and Goat's Milk


Bottom Tier: Sottocenere

This semisoft cow's milk cheese is made with black truffles and then aged in ashes as per Venetian farmers' tradition. A decorative green leaf, the use of spices including nutmeg, cloves, coriander, cinnamon, anise and fennel, and a hint of truffle oil on the rind add delicate aromas to this showstopper.

Cow's Milk




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