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This unique goat log is Westfield Farm's flagship cheese. Each piece of snowy, lightly aged chevre is hidden beneath a brilliant blue blanket of pencillum roquefortii mold. The result is an immediate tang, but no residual blue flavors: simply dense, cakey, tart goat cheese that coats the mouth with a pleasant lactic taste. The Roquefort mold is mixed into the milk along with salt, and left to develop in a cool cave for approximately three weeks. The cheese does not develop blue veining because the paste is not pierced in any way; the mold, of course, can only develop when exposed to oxygen, hence the distinctive exterior.

Westfield Farm has been handcrafting award-winning farmstead cheeses in Hubbardston, Massachusetts since 1971. Located on 20 acres in the central part of the state, the farm turns out a little over 900 pounds of cheese per week. Their Capri Classic Blue Log, is one of only a very few external blue chevres made in the world.  Its powdery blue rind is a striking color that develops on the surface and slowly ripens toward the center. 

(Each log is 4.5oz)

Country America Milk Treatment Pasteurized , Goat Style Chevre



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