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Perhaps the best known cheese from France, Brie has long been a staple on cheese boards around the world. Nowadays there are my different approaches to making brie, many of which seek to "stabilize" the product to increase shelf life, or produce creamier milder iterations of the original un-pasteurized versions from France.

While raw milk brie is unavailable in the united states, Rouzaire attempts very successfully to capture the essence of traditional French brie in their Brie de Nangis. Brie de Nangis was produced in France until World War II when production was interrupted. Rouzaire resurrected the cheese in the 80s, and we are fortunate to have it exported to us in a pasteurized version for the United States.

Most will find this brie to be on the strong side, with good mushroomy notes from the rind, and some noticeable vegetal flavors from the pate. The brie is nicely salted and the texture is chewy and elastic with some body. As it ripens it will get softer and creamier - and stronger.

A Classic!



country france flavore medium Milk Treatment pasteurized , Cow texture chewy , smooth , soft type bloomy Type Soft



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