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Melt cheese in your home in the traditional Swiss fashion. This unique cheese raclette from Boska heats the top of the cheese through a heat lamp, keeping the bottom of the cheese firm while you easily scrape off the molten cheese from the top. Suitable for a quarter wheel of cheese. **Cheese not included.**

*Original Raclette Recipe*
1/2 or 1/4 of a Cheese Raclette
2 kg of small potatoes
Sliced Bread
Onions, pickles, vinegar mushrooms

Scrape the crust of the cheese to remove the thin surface layer (do not remove the crust!). Place the Raclette in the Raclette Demi or Quatro. Wait until the cheese softens. Then, with a knife, place it on a plate with a potato, slice of bread or pickles and mushrooms. Remember to religiously trim the edges of the softened cheese!



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