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Richard & Danielle Sutton

Richard and Danielle Sutton’s interest in cheese began as a children when they both, separately, visited Europe with their parents. However, on the way to becoming New Orleans’ premier cheesemongers, they were waylaid into banking and public relations. On a whim, and with Danielle’s fresh British passport in hand, they moved to London in 2002 to see what adventures would find them. What found both of them was Paxton & Whitfield, the over 200-year-old cheese shop in the St. James neighborhood, and supplier of cheese to the royal household and Parliament. And so began Richard and Danielle’s transition from bored banker and PR executive to passionate cheesemongers. Living in London and working at Paxton’s allowed Richard access to the great cheese makers and affineurs of Europe and a wealth of knowledge and training about cheese. In 2006, Richard and Danielle decided to move back to the US and open their own cheese business. Having met in New Orleans while in college at Tulane, hailing originally from Wilmington, Delaware and Tallahassee, FL, and having enormous fondness for the city and Gulf Coast, they decided that this was where they would open the St. James Cheese Company. Despite the challenges of opening a business in post-Katrina New Orleans (and dealing with highly perishable products in a hot and hurricane prone area), St. James Cheese has been welcomed with open arms by the city and has grown a loyal and steady following.

John Dauterive, Executive Chef

John is our executive chef and has worked at St James Cheese longer than any employee. And, he has the best manners of any staffer; your grandmother would love John. His culinary talents were honed as a youth in Pass Christian, MS, preparing the fresh Gulf seafood that he still spends his free time catching. He then went on to the Cordon Bleu program in Atlanta and received a degree in hospitality and management from The University of New Orleans. John is responsible for many of St. James’ most popular menu items and maintaining our very picky standards, and is very fun at parties.

Chad Bourgeois, Wholesale Manager

Chad is our always dependable, sometimes sleep deprived wholesale manager. He ably gets the cheese from our loving arms into the able hands of chefs across the city. A skilled chef himself, Chad has cooked in many restaurants in the city and knows the mysterious ways of restaurant kitchens. New Orleans born and bred, he loves hitting the road and exploring new places, growing beautiful vegetables and being a sweet dad.

Brad Daschbach ACS CCP, Warehouse District General Manager

Those fancy letters you see behind Brad’s name mean he is one of the most knowledgeable cheesemongers in the country…which is why we were so happy to land him on our team. A Louisiana native, Brad helms the ship at our second location in the Warehouse District and keep all the balls in the air. In his spare time, Brad enjoys urban gardening, being a member of countless Carnival groups and heading off into the unknown on spirited adventures.

Paige Singleton, Uptown Front of House Manager

Paige, a New Orleans native, is our ever friendly service manager. She enjoys spreading sunshine and positivity to everyone she encounters. Paige is also an avid traveler, has studied abroad in Australia and visited more than half of the world’s continents. In her free time, Paige records a podcast with Alan Singleton (no relation) with their musings and banter about life in a cheese shop.

Christy Caye ACS CCP, Head Cheesemonger

Our Head Cheesemonger Christy began her cheese obsession at the tender age of 16 when she discovered a poster called "Cheeses of the World". In that moment, she was captivated: "the clouds parted, and a celestial light shone down from above" calling her to a life of cheesiness. 

Her first official cheese job was making cheese and herding goats on a tiny island in Ireland. Returning to her home state after college, she worked for Cowgirl Creamery before letting the winds of adventure sweep her off again, this time to New Orleans. In July 2017 she passed her Certified Cheese Professional Exam, converting her from a regular nerd to a super gigantic cheese nerd. She enjoys talking in general, but especially about cheese, which is why she leads our Cheese Education classes on Wednesday nights. You can catch her getting emotional about cheese in one of these classes, in the Uptown shop, or on Instagram @Cheesemongress. 

Alan Singleton, Helpful Cheese Guy

Alan has been with the company for nearly half a decade and has held a position in every department. He currently resides in the wholesale department, providing profound cheese help to restaurants around the New Orleans area. If you ever see him out in the St. James van making deliveries, make sure to wave or ask him for a cheese recommendation!