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A juicy acidic and toasty, biscuity notes toward the rind are the hallmarks of Stichelton, though the range of flavors this soft, creamy raw milk blue can exhibit is extraordinary: from crisp green apple right through to beef stock umami.

Stichelton is made using traditional Stilton techniques, but because the milk is unpasteurized, lending the cheese a wonderful complexity, it cannot be called Stilton.

In 2006, cheesemaker Joe Schneider and Neal's Yard Dairy founder Randolph Hodgson set out to resurrect raw milk Stilton. It used to be that Stilton would have been made with unpasteurized milk – but by the time Randolph and Joe embarked on their project, raw milk Stilton had been extinct for 18 years. In pursuit of the sensory complexity and length of flavor that come from milk that has not been heat-treated, Joe and Randolph found a farm on the Welbeck Estate near the edge of Sherwood Forest and set to making cheese, only to find that the conditions set out in the EU protected name documentation prevented them from calling it Stilton. 
Thus Stichelton was born: a Stilton-inspired recipe made only from the morning's milk, with very little starter and a long make – 24 hours – to draw out the milk's natural flora and delicate flavors. The curds are hand ladled and milled, giving a more delicate texture, and the flavors are further enhanced by the careful maturation process which takes place both at Stichelton Dairy and in the Neal's Yard Dairy arches in London.

Country England Flavor Blue , Savory Milk Treatment Un-Pasteurized , Cow Similar To Stilton Texture Creamy , Firm Type Blue



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