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Fiore Sardo, meaning “Sardinian Flower,” is made from fresh ewe’s milk of the local breed of sheep on the island of Sardinia. This ancient cheese actually predates the more famous Pecorino Romano, another sheep’s milk cheese from the same island. Where Pecorino Romano can be a tad biting, Fiore Sardo tends to be less overpowering and delicate. The flavor is relatively intense and piquant nonetheless. The milk used to make Fiore Sardo is briefly brined, after which the molds are very lightly smoked, cured with olive oil, and left to ripen in cool cellars. The end product is a hard, grainy texture with slight saltiness and a hint of fruit. The rind is dark, with an ivory paste. Fiore Sardo grates well and especially compliments the other elements of a pesto. Zinfandel makes a great wine pairing.

country italy flavor nutty milk sheep pairings well-rounded reds Texture Crumbly texture Semi-Hard



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