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Located in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom (known for its remoteness), Jasper Hill has a farm, creamery, and cellars. These three parts mean they own and milk their own herd of cows (farm), can turn that milk into cheese (creamery), and can age their own cheese in their custom-built cellars.

Jasper Hill also buys young cheeses from nearby creameries and ages them in their cellars. This is the case with Landaff, which is made in New Hampshire by Landaff Creamery. After production, the Landaff wheels move to Vermont where they are carefully aged in the Cellars at Jasper Hill for 4-6 months.  

This cheese is inspired by one of Wales' most famous cheeses: Caerphilly. Somewhat like a cheddar but much different in texture, Landaff is a firm cheese that has an incredibly soft mouthfeel. It's sliceable and firm but becomes almost velvety when chewed. Savory brown butter notes and a buttermilk tang complement aromas of grass and cave.  
Perfect for eating hand-to-mouth, cooking, entertaining and more. It's a sturdy but approachable cheese that kids and adults can enjoy in any situation.  

Country America Flavor Fresh , Tangy Intensity Mild Milk Treatment Pasteurized , Cow Similar To Caerphilly State New Hampshire Style Artisan Texture Crumbly



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