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A semi-firm, raw milk washed rind cheese based on a Swiss ‘raclette’ recipe made from a blend of goat and cow milk by Jasper Hill Creamery. 

‘The Highlands’ is a nickname for the Northeast Kingdom from way back; Highlander takes its name from a classic ‘back road’ of Greensboro. The raw cow milk in this cheese is sourced exclusively from Jasper hill’s own cows, blended with fresh raw milk from the Bridgman Farm goats. The cheese is made in Jasper Hill’s newest creamery at the Vermont Food Venture Center.

Highlander’s recipe is inspired by traditional French and Swiss Raclette. Its semi-firm, elastic texture makes for a pleasing table cheese and amazing melting properties. The classic way to enjoy the cheese is melted over potatoes with pickles and cured meat alongside. On its own, the cheeses has notes of speck, macadamia nuts and butter with lingering washed rind aromas.

Its great as a domestic alternative to European Raclettes!

Country America Intensity Mild Milk Treatment Un-Pasteurized , Cow , Goat Producer Jasper Hill Farm Similar To Raclette State Vermont Style Meltable Texture Smooth Type Hard



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