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Named for Fredonia Mountain, an escarpment of the Cumberland Plateau that hosts sweeping views of the Sequatchie Valley, a portion of the Trail of Tears, and the historical home of a thriving coal mining operation-turned-museum. Inspired by raw milk Stichelton, Fredonia is a natural rind cave-aged blue with aromas of lemon and yeasty bread dough. The paste is fudge-like with notes of fresh buttermilk and toasted sourdough, and brothy, umami, morel mushroom towards the rind.

Try it with tawny port, stouts, good quality chocolate, sourdough toast, and oatmeal cookies. Makes a wonderful after-dinner dessert course.

Country America Intensity Very Strong Milk Treatment Un-Pasteurized , Cow Producer Sequatchie Cove Creamery Similar to Stilton Style Artisan Type Blue



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