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Emmentaler AOP takes its name from the river Emme in the canton of Bern, where the production of cheese can be traced back to the 13th century. It is made from fresh milk from cows fed on grass and hay.The selection for USA is masterfully hand-crafted and produced with passion by our Gourmino master cheesemakers in their small village dairies. After 3 months of ripening, the cheeses are brought to the Gourmino ripening cellar, where the cellar masters care for the cheeses until they attain the individual character and holes. As it ages, it develops a beautiful bronze rind.Gourmino's 10 Emmentaler cheesemakers care passionately about their traditional craft. Their cheese is made in small village dairies using milk from local farmers who even know the names of their cows. The cows graze on succulent flowering meadows in summer and eat sun-dried hay in the winter. Only the best quality raw milk cheese is suitable for the long ripening process. Gourmino has specialized in caring for mature cheese needing long ripening periods. Their cheesemakers and cellar masters look after the cheeses for up to 20 months in a natural environment until each attains its unique character. #savetheemmentaler
Country Switzerland flavor fruity Pairings Fruity Reds texture chewy , firm type alpine



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