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The Gillot Creamery in Normandy focuses on an organic PDO Camembert that’s the sum of all the perfect parts coming into place. One very specific place to be exact, as all the milk they use is collected within 25km of the creamery. The result is a richly rewarding creamy flavor, that makes this Camembert uniquely and authentically Norman.

The Gillot Creamery in Normandy have been crafting amazing organic cheese since 1912 so by this point they’ve got it down to a very tasty art. They are so proud of their protected origin that they can ensure every drop of milk they use comes only from the most local dairies in a 25km radius. Their PDO Camembert is a creamy, delicious piéce de résistance with over a century of cheese-making behind it.

Country France Flavor Earthy , Mushroomy Milk Treatment Pasteurized , Cow Similar To Brie Style Gooey Texture Smooth



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