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Gouda is among the most popular styles of cheese we sell. People love it for its huge sweet/savory flavor, long finish and wonderful crunchy texture. This variation is an extra aged Gouda made from goat's milk rather than the more traditional cow's milk. It shares the same big robust flavors as it cow's milk cousin - sweet caramel and butterscotch notes with a long finish. Versus the cow's milk, this one is a little bit toastier and nuttier, and the texture is slightly dryer. We like the extra aged version of this cheese and it is a great alternative for Gouda lovers looking for a new twist!
Country Netherlands Flavor Caramel , Nutty , Sweet Intensity Medium Milk Treatment Pasteurized , Goat Similar To Gouda Style Gouda Texture Crumbly , Crunchy , Very Hard Type Hard



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