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Alma de Cerron, washed with red wine is a zingy, biting cheese from Spain. The Cerrón family has been making goat cheese since 1987 in La Mancha, feeding their goats fresh grass, cereals, and forage grown on the farm. They soak the cheese in local Monastrell (aka Mouvedre) wine to add sweetness to the punchy spicy flavors, and they age the cheese in unusually high humidity to promote a crumbly yet creamy consistency. This texture is rare in a goat’s milk cheese that is at least three years old – yet another reason it is extra special. Slice Alma de Cerrón onto a piece of bread, drizzle with Spanish olive oil, and have a few pieces of jamón Serrano on the side for a tasty snack! 
Country Spain Intensity Medium Milk Treatment Un-Pasteurized , Goat Similar To Manchego Style Artisan Texture Crumbly , Crunchy , Nutty , Open Type Hard



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