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Bellamy Blue gets its name from a natural cave in northern Tennessee. Bellamy Blue's rind is hand-rubbed with a modest amount of Alderwood smoked sea salt and then dipped in black wax, which allows the cheese to breathe during aging while entrapping moisture for a smooth creamy paste. The amount of smoke is subtle, giving Bellamy a savory profile of cured salami and burgers on a charcoal grill.

Country America filter a-b flavor nutty Flavor toasty flavors salty intensity strong Milk Treatment un-pasteurized , Cow Pairing beer state Tennessee texture smooth type blue



5004 Prytania St.   (504) 899-4737
M-W   11-6   TH-SAT 11-8   SUN 11-4


641 Tchoupitoulas   (504) 304-1485
M-W 11-6   TH-SAT 11-8   SUN 11-4