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Alp Blossom's rind is coated in herbs and flowers including cornflower, lavender, marjoram, lovage, and chervil. And its pale yellow paste, with widespread holes, is evocative of the best of Alpine cheeses. With toasty flavors of savory herbs and rose petals, Alp Blossom is reminiscent of Gruyère: nutty, a bit beefy, and with savory hits from the rind—but with a herbaceous smell and pastoral sweetness. It is a real show-stopper.

Made by Sennerei Huban, Austria’s first cheese school, Alp Blossom is hand-crafted into wheels that are aged for six months. In a celebration of local flora, the wheels are coated in a mixture of dried flowers and herbs from Alpine meadows. Milk from Brown Swiss cows, known for its high butterfat content, yields a rich flavor and a dense, creamy finish.

For pairings, try it with a glass of Bavarian beer or a dry Riesling.

Country Austria Flavor Flowery , Herbacious , Nutty Intensity Medium Milk Treatment Pasteurized , Cow Similar To Gruyere Style Alpine , Meltable Texture Smooth Type Hard



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